24 Stories

Join us on a 24 hour journey around the world that explores the breadth and diversity of these women’s unique impact. We’ll explore what seemingly regular daily moments look like to 24 inspiring women humanitarians that are on the ground making the world a better and safer place.


It’s early as the first noises seep through your window

In Yemen, Malka has a wake-up call of her own…


Big morning stretch – are you still in bed?

In New York, Ursula – one of the world’s most senior humanitarians – heads out on her morning ritual


Breakfast time – starting to build plans for the day ahead?

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Noëlla is already outside building a new school


Battling traffic on your way to work?

In Mozambique, Augusta is battling the forces of nature


Arriving at your desk and settling in for a hard day’s work

In Indonesia, Vanda climbs out of the tent she lives in to help families affected by earthquakes


Your first meeting of the day

In Mozambique, midwife Laura meets with pregnant women left homeless by a hurricane


At morning coffee, your co-worker asks your advice

In Kenya, Safo gives over her morning to provide legal advice to refugee women


At the mid-day mark, you’re focused on an upcoming project

In Brazil, Flavia is focused on creating safe spaces for migrant Venezuelan refugees


Lunch time, at last!

In Myanmar, Mai Nan Po is distributing food to the women of Sittwe


Lunch is over – now time to face your afternoon’s workload

In the Philippines, Ria responds to natural disasters, and her work is never done


Time to pop to the shops for some quick supplies?

Across Africa, Mama Amina distributes dignity kits to women who cannot otherwise access basic hygiene products


Making evenings plans with your friends?

In Rwanda, Helena organises an impromptu photoshoot with aspiring model Giselle


You made it! Now, the journey home after a long day

In the Central African Republic, truck driver Barbara’s 15-vehicle convoy runs into a few obstacles


Home at last and your day’s projects done and delivered on time

In Liberia, midwife Alice delivers yet another baby that will carry her gratitude its whole life…


Dinner time – a delicious meal to unwind

In Lebanon, Maya is providing thousands of free meals to refugees and other people in need


You call your friends to chat about their day

In Geneva, Melissa is chatting with a Yazidi refugee about the shocking story that propelled her into humanitarian work


Settling in to watch the news and catch up on world events

In Cox’s Bazar, Marie watches a global news story unfold before her eyes


Almost time for bed. Relax a while by playing online games?

Try your hand at our game and learn the specific challenges and opportunities faced by women in the humanitarian world


Are you putting on your pyjamas before bedtime?

In West Africa, healthcare workers put on the protective gear to protect them from Ebola


Have you got your bag ready for tomorrow?

In Myanmar, Jemilah packs her deployment bag for an emergency response trip


Finally, it’s time for bed!

Rania puts her son to bed and thinks about the day just done


Can’t quite fall asleep yet?

In South Sudan, Kristina recalls the night shifts that financed her Master’s degree


A loud noise outside interrupts your deepening sleep

In Iraq, Hawnaz gets the call that she’s needed in the office – urgently


You’re fast asleep, recharging after another big day

In the back of a truck, humanitarians steal some sleep along a long, bumpy journey