Jemilah Mahmood UNDAC member since 2004


00:00 – Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

In Myanmar, Jemilah packs her deployment bag for an emergency response trip

“The international humanitarian community couldn’t get access to Myanmar. When I went out to the delta, I could immediately see that people were receiving assistance—from the monks, church groups, local civil society and local organisations on the ground doing the work. This is why I’m really passionate about localisation, because I’ve seen in reality how local community groups really help each other in a circumstance like Myanmar, when there was no choice but to use local staff or organisations.”

For Jemilah, the most important go-bag item is her medical bag, which is always fully equipped and ready to go. She likes that it’s not only useful in crisis situations, but that it also helps bring out easy conversations with strangers. Another item that’s always in there for this Malaysian national? A bottle of Malaysian chilies.

Pack your own go-bag!

A hurricane has ravaged a Caribbean island. You have been called to deploy to support the emergency response. Your flight leaves in 24 hours.

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