Oluwole Sefunmi
Uyoyou (Funmi)


04:00 – Borno State, Nigeria

Borno State, Nigeria

In the back of a truck, humanitarians steal some sleep along a long, bumpy journey

Oluwole Sefunmi Uyoyou (usually called Funmi), is a Humanitarian Affairs Officer and Executive Assistant to Deputy Head of Office for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in Nigeria. Only a year ago, her parents did not understand her desire to become a humanitarian; however, she felt a strong need to help people who experience crises and live within insecure environments. 

Funmi said the hardest part of her job is the emotional toll, seeing the pain from people in dire situations and realising that she can’t help everyone. But, she is glad she made the decision to become a humanitarian because humanitarians can help, and seeing the positive change in communities after providing aid brings her so much joy. 

Funmi looks forward to becoming more deeply involved in different humanitarian settings. And grabbing some sleep wherever she can along the way.