Alice Sumo

18:00 – Montserrado County, Liberia

Montserrado County, Liberia

In Liberia, midwife Alice delivers yet another baby that will carry her gratitude its whole life…

In a Liberian village, over 800 babies have been named Alice in honour of the midwife who delivered them.

Across White Plains, Liberia, mothers like Etta are naming their children Alice. Sometimes it’s that  they want their daughters to grow up with her drive and success, sometimes it’s that they like what the name represents. But more often than not, it’s out of sheer gratitude for the support Alice gave them during pregnancy and the safe delivery of their baby girl.

Watch the video above to hear Alice’s amazing story.

Photo credit: Alice Sumo holds two day old Alex in White Plains Clinic, Liberia (Hanna Adcock / Save the Children/PA Wire)