Gintarė Eidimtaité &
Stefania Trassari


11:00PM – West Africa

West Africa

In West Africa, healthcare workers put on the protective gear to protect them from Ebola

The West Africa Ebola virus epidemic was the most deadly outbreak of the disease in history. The virus infected 28,600 people, killing 11,325 across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Fragile health systems in heavily-affected areas were ravaged. To support the national and international response to the crisis, UNDAC deployed a team to Monrovia, Liberia to help with coordination, and another to Bamako in Mali to bolster the Government’s Emergency Operations Centre. 

“It was a challenge to get an idea of what the emergency was about. It was quite risky, one of the most challenging missions for me.” – Stefania Tarassi, UNDAC member

“The reality that I saw on the ground was kind of dual. People had to carry on with their lives, so it seemed that the streets were full of people, but at the same time you knew that on the fringes, horrible things were happening. With Ebola, it felt like it was this dragon with different heads, and as soon as you cut one of them off and solved one problem, another one appeared.” – Gintarė Eidimtaité, UNDAC member