Adiba Qasim

20:00 – Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

In this special episode of the UNHCR podcast Awake at Night, Melissa Fleming speaks with Adiba Qasim, a Yazidi refugee whose village was stormed by Islamic State in August 2014. 

Adiba and her family managed to escape just before the militants arrived. She was 19 years old. She was haunted by the knowledge that many of her friends and relatives were taken captive &held as sex slaves. But some survived – and when they were freed, Adiba was there to help.

Adiba is a freelance journalist from the Sinjar district in northern Iraq, writing for outlets that include The Independent. For the past four years she’s has been working with humanitarian NGOs and international media on issues  relating to the 2014 genocide. She has given a voice to the stories of the women and children that survived the ISIS massacre, and worked on cases of child soldiers that had been brainwashed & recruited by ISIS after August 2014. She also covered the military actions leading to the liberation of the cities of Mosul and Sinjar.

Adiba is now studying law at the University of Geneva so she can make a career fighting for peace, justice and the rights of refugees.